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Apr 4, 2019

In April's podcast, Eddie and Paul are joined by their first guest of the year, Tony Gimple the Founding Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords.

After appearing in Hamilton Fraser’s first tax podcast ‘Tony’s Tips on Tackling Tax’ in 2017, Tony is back to discuss industry changes, his top tax tips and where he sees the industry heading.

Tony has an extensive background with vast experience in loss adjusting, financial services, insurance broking and law. Less Tax 4 Landlords aims to help portfolio landlords maximise the commercial benefits from running their property business.

Eddie, Paul and Tony talk income, capital gains and property tax, business planning, expenses and HMRC guidelines with the aim of helping landlords decode the often confusing world of property tax. Eddie and Paul also ask Tony the best tips he can give to landlords to help them navigate the industry in 2019.

Concluding with their new closing question for 2019, Eddie and Paul ask Tony; ‘If you could make one new property law, what would it be?