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Jun 4, 2019

In this month’s podcast Eddie and Paul are joined by special guest, residential property lawyer and Managing Director of Landlord Law, Tessa Shepperson.

Tessa started Landlord Law, a website dedicated to providing landlords with information on their legal rights and obligations, in 2001 and has been providing content and advice ever since. This includes Tessa’s popular ‘Landlord Law’ blog which aims to keep landlords informed of changing legislation, as well as her ‘Blog Clinic’ which helps address any landlord or tenant legal issues.

Eddie, Paul and Tessa talk all about the laws of the land, with a particular focus on government plans for landlords, landlord redress, housing courts and what happens when landlords fail to protect deposits. Eddie and Paul also ask Tessa for the best tips she can give to landlords in today’s industry and question whether current laws help or hinder landlords?

Wrapping up with their new closing question for 2019 Eddie and Paul ask Tessa; ‘If you could make one new property law, what would it be?