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Aug 5, 2019

In this month’s podcast, Eddie and Paul are joined by property market analysist, commentator and co-author of ‘The Landlord’s Friend’, Kate Faulkner.

After the success of the first edition of ‘The Landlord’s Friend’ book in 2015, Kate and Paul have joined forces once again to release an updated edition for 2019, focused on how landlords can make the best out of the ever changing private rented sector, while also ensuring that they remain compliant.

Eddie, Paul and Kate discuss the launch of the new book, including their motivations behind releasing an updated edition and the process involved, as well as exploring the importance of being a business savvy landlord, why it is vital to understand your tenants and the intricacies of landlord regulation and legislation. In addition, they cover a range of topics from government policy, how buy to let has evolved and increasing market demands to whether landlords get a bad rap in the industry.

Eddie and Paul round up the podcast by asking Kate… ‘If you could make one new property law, what would it be?