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Jan 8, 2019

In a New Year special Eddie takes the reins in leading the first podcast of the year with Paul as his special guest. After a year of change within the property industry, Paul & Eddie review 2018 and preview 2019 for landlords.

Landlords & letting agents experienced multiple changes throughout 2018 including the Homeless Reduction Act, gas safety changes, changes to HMO regulations and tax relief reduction. Eddie & Paul ask: How has this impacted on landlords?

The coming year also looks to be no exception with future changes on the horizon. Eddie & Paul provide a preview of 2019 including longer tenancy proposals, landlord regulation and the tenant fee ban.

Eddie & Paul also provide their own thoughts on how we can make landlording great again, and in a final end of year flourish, Eddie asks Paul a new closing question. If you could make one new property law what would it be?

Let’s make landlording great again in 2019!