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Sep 5, 2016

Paul Shamplina, Brand Ambassador for Hamilton Fraser and Suzy Hershman, Head of Dispute Resolution at mydeposits talk about what landlords and letting agents need to know about letting to students, including:

  • The different types of students lets and the main benefits of letting to students
  • The lifecycle of a student tenancy and what’s important to know about protecting their deposits
  • The different lengths of a student tenancy and how to get some extra income during potential void periods
  • What happens if a student vacates early and any checks you need to make ahead of the tenancy
  • What does a good inventory look like and why it is especially important for student lets
  • The importance of mid-term checks
  • Disadvantages of renting to students: what to be aware of and how to manage them
  • Where to go for further resources.


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