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Oct 19, 2016

Paul Shamplina, Brand Ambassador for Hamilton Fraser and Sean Hooker, Head of Redress for the Property Redress Scheme talk about what landlords and letting agents need to know about dealing with bad tenants, including:

  • The actions a landlord can take in order to prevent a bad tenant
  • The issues that can arise from a bad tenant and the reasons why it is important to take steps before choosing your tenant
  • The importance of thoroughly referencing and carrying out a risk assessment
  • The reasons why right-to-rent checks are important in preventing a bad tenant
  • Why landlords may decide to evict a tenant and the importance of protecting deposits
  • The difference between a section 8 and a section 21 and how to seek legal advice depending on the circumstances
  • The steps a landlord can take if they are owed rent arrears

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